FMA AU in which every time Ed or Al say “brother” it’s replaced with “bruh”



MASS EFFECT 2 IS ONLY AT 60% INSTALLATION so let’s recap my choices in the first one:
- I made shepherd a ganguro girl
- I was mostly paragon like the ass kissing wiener I am
- I charmed the pants off EVERYONE
- I didn’t know you could romance liara so I ended up romancing Kaiden and just. so much regret
- I sweet talked wrexy poo out of being angry at my decision to not get the genophage cure
- I left Ashley to die because she was a filthy space racist B) which left me good ol boring Kaiden. I may have left the racist but, god, at what cost
- I ignored the council lmao *skateboards away*

MY STEPDAD SAID ONE OF THE SUPERVISORS WOULD TALK TO ME…… it’s for the temp position which is perf and I get paid like $13.7 an hour til the end of August. it’s awesome because then I can spend those next few months working and saving up and them go back to school! ^u^

I’m not really hung over but I’ve not slept in this late in FUCKING ages
it took me 4evs to wake up