my cat got excited by the snow and kept wanting to go outsiiide so when i let him outside he failed after one step and came back.


i just wanna make drake proud


a doodle i got entirely too invested in

been done already but i wanted to give a shot at the “what if robin actually looked like their parent” idea myself (i like this one better than “canon” lmao bye)

This Just Happened
Movie theater worker: *Upon seeing my smeared mascara* Just come out of The Fault In Our Stars?

Me: No

Me: How to Train Your Dragon 2

SOMEONE TALK TO ME……. i feel like having a deep sentimental conversation because i’m feeling deep, sentimental and lonely

the fact that whatever words you mention in a text post still show up in the tags without you actually tagging it, I JUST WANNA TALK SHIT WITHOUT GETTING MEMED ON BY SOMEONE’S FANGIRLS FFS


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